Breaks And Power Steering

Aledo, TX

Looking to get your alternator, battery starter, or something else on your vehicle repaired or maintenanced? Perhaps you are looking for a top-class stereo installation service that is local to your home in the Aledo area? Well, look no further, because Affordable Auto and AC Repair has got you covered!

We are a leading automobile AC repair facility because we know what we are doing. Our technicians are skilled in their trade and can detect certain issues that may lead to smaller, less costly repairs. We take our time with each vehicle, but we also work in a timely manner, because we know how inconvenient it is to be without your car. At Affordable Auto and AC Repair, we understand the importance of our customers time and we do what we can to provide high-quality services, in a timely manner. You can rest assure that your vehicle is in good hands with our team.

Some of the other services that we cover include computer diagnostics, transmission, power steering, brakes, suspension, shocks, and struts. We provide services for everything in between the hood and tires including the alternator, battery, starter, as well as professional stereo installation. We definitely specialize in the auto AC repair game but you cannot go without heat either. Let our technicians perform a complete inspection of your AC or heating components.

At Affordable Auto and AC Repair in Aledo, TX we specialize in auto air conditioning repair services but we are not limited to this area. For more information about our exceptional services, contact our main office and we will be happy to provide you with answers. We look forward to building long-lasting, professional relationships with our local community.