Engine Services And Repairs

White Settlement, TX

Quality automotive services are completely covered here at Affordable Auto and AC Repair in White Settlement, TX. We provide automobile repair, maintenance, and AC repair services. Our team of professionals is experienced, certified, and can work under pressure. All of the services provided by our auto repair shop are guaranteed to get you back on the road again and out of harms way.

Need to get your transmission looked at? We offer top quality transmission services and repairs, in addition to the wide range of different auto repair services we provide. We are truly a one-stop shop in the area when it comes to auto repair.

Let us talk about the auto AC repair services. We live in the great State of Texas, but as we all know, Texas can get very hot! How long has it been since you had your AC looked at or maybe you have been driving around without AC and just cannot stand it any longer? Bring in your car or truck and let us take care of that for you. We definitely specialize in the auto AC repair services but you cannot go without heat either. Let our technicians perform a complete inspection of your AC or heating components.

We provide services for everything in between the hood and tires including the alternator, battery, and starter Some more of the affordable services that we cover include computer diagnostics, transmission, brakes and power steering, suspension, shocks and struts, as well as the electrical, cooling system, radiator, water pump, and heater core.