Tune Up Maintenance Services

River Oaks, TX

Are you in the market for a new mechanic? Has your long time auto technician retired and you need to find a team of professionals that you can rely on? We would like to welcome you to Affordable Auto and AC Repair, our affordable, auto repair shop located near River Oaks. We are a leading engine services and repairs shop in the area because we know what we are doing. Our technicians are skilled in their trade and can detect certain issues that may lead to smaller, less costly repairs. We take our time with each vehicle, but we also work in a timely manner, because we know how inconvenient it is to be without your car.

At Affordable Auto and AC Repair, we understand the importance of our customers time and we do our best to stay on time and provide the highest quality services available. You can rest assure that your vehicle is in good hands with our team.

We specialize in air conditioning repair services, but our services are not limited to just this area. Our mechanics actually cover everything from the transmission to the tires. We cover everything under the hood including starters, water pumps, heater core, and radiators. We also provide power steering tune-ups, brake repairs, and run full electrical A.B.S. computer diagnostics tests to ensure maximum accuracy in our repairs.

The quality of our products and the attention to detail makes our professional establishment stand out to our clients and we look forward to working with our local community.